Dealing with the Coronavirus

We are currently fighting together to ensure that we can organize your industry meeting, your trade fair and your marketing platform again as soon as possible, because we know that trade fairs are irreplaceable as a motor of the economy, as platforms for exchange and knowledge transfer. We look forward to seeing you again, take care of yourself and stay healthy

Read the information carefully and stay safe!

Interview with Britta Wirtz - Current situation and background

Here you find answers to your questions:

We are currently firmly planning to hold LEARNTEC from 2 to 4 February 2021. In order to give you planning security as quickly as possible for holding LEARNTEC in times of great dynamism caused by the global pandemic, we will inform you about our next steps and the results of the event via all the channels available to us, such as e-mail, website, social media(Twitter, Xing, facebook, Linkedin) and of course, in person on the phone.

The current Corona Ordinance you can find here.

Conferences and exhibitions do not fall under the general ban on large events. We have been allowed to hold exhibitions again since 1 September. This is because the state government of Baden-Württemberg passed special regulations governing these kinds of events. We have been able to implement these regulations and are therefore planning for LEARNTEC to go ahead. Before each event, we develop a tailored hygiene and safety plan that is then checked by the relevant authorities. Obviously our absolute priority is the health of all exhibitors and visitors, as well as service providers and staff.

We will significantly enlarge the pathways and communal areas within the trade fair centre, so that visitors can practice social distancing. We will move the conference almost entirely to a separate hall with mobile conference rooms to multiply the available space. The plan also sees changes to catering and visitor admission.

In addition, all participants will have to register online in advance to enable contact tracing. The entry controls will allow us to keep track of how many people are on the premises at any one time. Participants will have to wear masks, unless they are at a fixed location, such as during the conference or at a table. Our modern ventilation systems in the 17-metre-high halls will ensure a good flow of fresh air. There will also be plenty of disinfectant stations around the venue and more frequent cleaning to ensure that the event can proceed safely.

At present, it cannot be ruled out that travel restrictions will continue to apply to individual countries during the LEARNTEC trade fair. These restrictions naturally have an effect on participants in an international trade fair. Travel restrictions are imposed by the authorities and contribute to the high level of safety required for holding a trade fair.

Questions and answers around your visit of LEARNTEC

Every visitor must first purchase an online ticket in advance from the ticket shop. Both one-day and three-day tickets are available. It will not be possible to purchase tickets at the event.

Visitors who purchase an online ticket will have to register in full. This means that you will have to enter relevant personal information to enable contact tracing.

We will announce the start of ticket sales on all channels as soon as the ticket shop opens.

Yes, there will be a limit to the number of visitors per day. We will have to adjust the number of people attending the event at any one time to the amount of available space. This may mean that the daily contingent of tickets in the ticket shop sells out. We do not expect to exceed this, however.

There is no limit on the number of people in individual halls or at stands, as long as participants are able to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from each other. The organisers will ensure that everyone at the event is able to comply with the official regulations at all times.

There will be generous meet and eat areas in both exhibition halls. Social distancing (1.5 metres) will apply here too. Visitors will not have to wear a mask when eating or when at a table in the restaurant area. Please observe any additional instructions at the event.

Questions and answers regarding your exhibition stand:

There are no special requirements for stand design. However, we recommend that you plan your stand in such a way that distance regulations can be easily adhered so that visitors feel safe and comfortable.

Our service team will be happy to advise you. We also have respected your needs with the larger aisle width.

The following rule applies to the number of people at the booth: The maximum number of people allowed at the stand is determined depending on the size of the stand and compliance with the requirement of 1.5 metres.

In order to give everyone involved enough space to comply with this regulation and the distance rule, our visitor aisles are 5 metres wide at critical points. This means that there is additional and sufficient space in front of your booth.

There are no regulations for disinfection. However, as is currently common and successfully practiced, everyone involved is required to maintain regular hand hygiene.

We advise you to keep hand disinfectants available at the exhibition stand, also from a service point of view. Regular hygiene, e.g. of exhibits is recommended. Follow our example!

Lectures and presentations at the stand are only permitted if the currently applicable distance and hygiene rules are observed at the stand.

Visitors who wish to gain an overview without entering into closer contact with an exhibitor, do not have to be recorded. Registration for the exhibition by purchasing an online ticket or redeeming a guest card is sufficient.

For sales talks and a distance of less than 1.5 meters at the same time, the mouth-nose cover can be removed at the tables. In this case, you have to record the contact details separately and also list the duration of stay of the person you will be talking to at your stand.

It is allowed to offer catering at the exhibition stand. Rules and regulations for gastronomy apply. It is also allowed to offer catering at the stand yourself. A minimum distance of 1.5 meters must always be observed. Food and drink counters should be provided with protective devices, food and drinks should only be handed out or served by service or buffet staff.

If employees serve food or drinks, they should be trained accordingly regarding the infection protection measures and hygiene rules. In case stand catering will be offered, the exhibitor must record the contact details and also list the duration of stay of your guests at your stand.

We set up disinfectant dispensers at all essential points in the halls. We recommend you have hand disinfectants available at your exhibition stand in order to ensure safe hand hygiene. Follow our example.

If you wish to cancel your participation in LEARNTEC 2021 regardless of an official cancellation of the event, you will be asked to pay the full booth rental costs in accordance with the “Special Terms and Conditions for Participation”.

COVID-19 is considered to be accompanying us in the near future. Nobody knows for sure what the situation will be like within the months to come. As the organisers, we are preparing for different scenarios in order to be able to carry out LEARNTEC 2021 safely.

If, contrary to expectations, we as the organisers should have to cancel the exhibition due to official regulations or requirements that cannot be met, we will discuss solutions with you.