Dealing with the Coronavirus

We are currently fighting together to ensure that we can organize your industry meeting, your trade fair and your marketing platform again as soon as possible, because we know that trade fairs are irreplaceable as a motor of the economy, as platforms for exchange and knowledge transfer. We look forward to seeing you again in May/June 2022.

At the moment we are firmly planning with LEARNTEC as a live event and hope that the community will finally be able to come back together in person to network. Until then we would like to offer you the greatest possible planning security.

The safety of our visitors is a top priority for Messe Karlsruhe. Our protection and security measures have been developed in close coordination with the responsible regulatory authorities. They are regularly reviewed and adapted to the dynamic situation.

The new Corona Ordinance has been in force since 3 April 2022. Extensive protective measures are no longer required; the new Federal Infection Protection Act stipulates that masks must be worn in local transport and in the medical sector. Contact and capacity restrictions as well as data collection and access regulations at events are thus lifted.

Messe Karlsruhe continues to recommend wearing a protective mask (ideally an FFP2 mask) indoors on the grounds of Messe Karlsruhe.

On the website of Messe Karlsruhe you will find all information about your visit to trade fairs and events.

Status 04.04.2022


As early as last year, Messe Karlsruhe developed protection and safety concepts in cooperation and close coordination with the responsible public order offices, which will be applied at all events. This is what our SAFE EXPO seal stands for. On the Messe Karlsruhe Website, you will find an overview of the most important measures and specifications.

Transparency, open cooperation and our health are our top priorities. Stay healthy!

Please note: The still dynamic development of the pandemic situation does not allow for reliable predictions. The FAQ's will be constantly updated by Messe Karlsruhe in the event of a change in the general conditions.