Marketing that hits the mark

You too can actively contribute to the fair’s success. We’ll be happy to assist you!

Achieve more from the fair through accurately targeted communication! Spark visitors’ curiosity about your presence at the fair and take advantage of our advertising package, which includes, among other items,

  • Visitor information
  • Guest tickets
  • Adhesive stickers

for you to lay out in your business premises, distribute at your events and mail to your customers. Invite your customers to visit your stand!

Enhance your trade fair appearance

Address your trade fair visitors with attractive and effective onsite advertising. Draw attention to your company and products/services even beyond the boundaries of your stand!

Our most important goal is to reach your target groups successfully!

This is exactly what our cross media strategy is designed to do: from direct marketing to online marketing, advertising in all important trade media, extensive press work to networking with high-profile sector associations, we offer the entire spectrum of marketing services from a single source.

Inform the sector. Generate visitor interest. Reach your target group. This is how we bring out the best in your trade fair activities.

  • We place advertisements in the relevant sector media and banners and text advertisements in suitable online media, thereby bringing LEARNTEC to the attention of your target group.
  • Advertising inserts in the top media allow us to reach your target groups.
  • Direct mails are sent to KMK’s international visitor database and mailings to interested parties – both with extensive follow-ups.
  • We engage in social media networking via our XING group and Twitter in order to keep your target groups up to speed on the latest developments.
  • Information on LEARNTEC is passed on at sector get-togethers, specialist conventions and trade fairs.
  • Advertising aimed at target groups is backed up by PR work. Press releases are sent to a distribution list of over 100 publications.

Advertising aimed at target groups is backed up by PR work. Press releases are sent to a distribution list of over 100 publications.

We have a whole host of printed materials at hand – such as flyers, posters, stickers, etc. – which are ideal for promoting your trade fair activities in advance.

We provide our exhibitors with electronic guest tickets free of charge. Invite customers to your stand!

Our online newsletter provides the very latest information on LEARNTEC as well as an extensive overview of our exhibitors’ products and services.

Talk to your target group at LEARNTEC

Any questions?

Portrait Tanja Stopper
Journalist service
Tanja Stopper
Press Officer
T: +49 (0) 721 3720 2301
F: +49 (0) 721 3720 99 2301
Portrait Kristina Baumgärtner
Marketing service
Kristina Baumgärtner
Marketing Officer
T: +49 (0) 721 3720 2347
F: +49 (0) 721 3720 99 2348
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