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Find more than 300 exhibitors at LEARNTEC 2019

More than 300 exhibitors and 250 speakers will be waiting to share their expertise with you.

Visit LEARNTEC and find digital answers to the very specific questions facing your company, school or university.

Well worth a visit:

  • LEARNTEC is the industry meeting place for anyone who is interested in the latest trends in digital learning. Here, you can find a unique network of partners, experts, multipliers and media partners – the ideal place to forge new contacts.
  • More than half of visitors do not attend any other specialist trade fair but rather see LEARNTEC as their exclusive source of information on digital learning at schools, universities and in corporate settings.
  • The latest developments, the most important learning trends and the key findings of the sector will be presented and discussed at both the convention and the trade fair. This is something you cannot afford to miss!
  • LEARNTEC offers a fitting framework for some of the most important awards in the sector.
  • The LEARNTEC business evening gives you the opportunity to get together with colleagues, partners and customers in a pleasant atmosphere to discuss training trends in schools, universities and corporate settings.

Portrait Ulrike Klee | Department Head | Personnel Development Deputy Senior Head of Department HA PuR,SWR

We are on the threshold of introducing a digital learning world at SWR. I took advantage of LEARNTEC to update myself about standard applications and custom-tailored solutions for SWR. The convention programme, the exhibitor portfolio and the exchange of ideas with experts significantly sharpened our decision-making criteria. I like this trade fair’s clear thematic orientation because it quickly and concisely enables me to apprise myself of the current developmental status. For the future too, LEARNTEC will remain a regular date on my calendar.

Ulrike Klee | Department Head | Personnel Development Deputy Senior Head of Department HA PuR,SWR
Portrait Johannes Datzberger | Department Head, BFI Wien (Vienna Vocational Training Institute)

The combination of a diverse, stimulating convention programme and a thematically well structured fair area makes LEARNTEC a ‘must-attend’ event at the beginning of each year. I have reaped long-term practical benefits for my professional career from the experiences I gained and the contacts I encountered there.

Johannes Datzberger | Department Head, BFI Wien (Vienna Vocational Training Institute)

Topic areas of LEARNTEC 2019

Topic area school

Topic area school

How do digital schools work? Which new forms of learning and teaching arise through digital teaching materials and what factors must be taken into account? What form do optimal learning and the teaching of media skills take?

Topic area university

Topic area university

Universities in the digital age – visit our programme of presentations university@LEARNTEC and discover many more different ideas for your university on all three days of the trade fair.

Topic area corporate

Topic area corporate

The growing trend towards digitisation is changing the way in which we live, teach and work – both today and in the future. These days, practical, life-long education is scarcely imaginable without the use of digital media.

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