SAVE THE DATE: 30.01. - 01.02.2024

Since the beginning of 2021, LEARNTEC - Europe's #1 in digital learning - has been organising its free online event LEARNTEC xChange as an additional offer to the trade fair and convention for the e-learning community. Whether corporate learning, digital university or school: In online lectures, workshops and discussion rounds, the education industry can further their education and expand their knowledge and network free of charge at LEARNTEC xChange from home or the office.

The program for EARNTEC xChange can be found online soon.

LEARNTEC xChange - A success story

LEARNTEC xChange spring 2021

  • from 02 to 04 February 2021
  • more than 5,700 participants
  • 12 lectures and discussion rounds, 38 roundtables
  • Around 100 speakers
  • Topics, including user experience, workplace learning, smart learning, future skills, digitisation of universities and schools

LEARNTEC xChange summer 2021

  • from 22 to 24 June 2021
  • more than 7,600 participants
  • almost 250 lectures and discussion forums in six parallel livestreams
  • Around 340 speakers
  • Topics: including building future skills, learning with artificial intelligence (AI), home office technologies, best practice examples from digital university teaching, digital transformation of schools

LEARNTEC xChange 2022

  • from 01 to 03 February 2022
  • more than 3.600 participants
  • 20 lectures and discussion rounds
  • about 25 speakers
  • Topics: including future technologies New Work, augmented Reality, digital university exams, inspirational space school

LEARNTEC xChange 2023

  • from 30 january to 02. february 2023
  • More than 2,300 participants
  • 13 lectures and discussion panels
  • 24 speakers and speakers
  • Topics including corporate learning, new work, digitalisation at universities, chatbots, augmented reality, teaching future skills at schools
  • Foretaste of the 30th anniversary of the face-to-face event in May

Review: LEARNTEC xChange 2022

Participant statements

«It was a highly concentrated, very successful event with highly competent discussion partners and a very informed and open-minded audience. Of course, a face-to-face event is nicer, but with this LEARNTEC the possibilities of hybrid and online events were shown. That makes me want to do more.»

Dr. Anita Stangl, 2nd Chairperson of the Bündnis für Bildung

«The diversity of the participants is a big plus of LEARNTEC or LEARNTEC xChange. People from different fields of work, industries and professions broaden their own horizons and many great ideas and concepts can be coupled and developed.»

Lars Thiele, technical editor at Poly-clip System

«This experience made a lasting impression on me! Not only did the lecture go well, there were 1,500 participants in my session. In the get-together afterwards, another 65 came by, the many requests to speak were hard to cope with. Many great contact requests on LinkedIn and then great bilateral exchanges. There has never been such a response to any of my previous presentations. I don't think it was the content. Rather, the setting was perfect for it.»

Chris Böhler, expert of digitalization

«More than 1,000 learning enthusiasts listened to me today in my talk on Smart Learning Environments. In the Get Together, a great format, we then talked about utopias and dystopias and considered together how technology ecosystems from IoT, AR and X-reality will change our lives and learning. Thank you, dear LEARNTEC, for this great event.»

Dr Sirkka Freigang, Head of Smart Learning at Bosch.IO