28 Mar 2023

LEARNTEC 2023 reflects trends in corporate learning: Adaptive learning meets microlearning and user-generated content

Around 400 exhibitors to present latest technologies for the education market

Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in more and more areas of life, and learning is no exception: According to the current trend study "mmb Learning Delphi" 2022/2023, adaptive learning is gaining traction in the German education landscape. And confidence in the possibilities of such AI applications is also increasing. The fact that AI is no longer just a future trend is also reflected in the exhibitor portfolio at LEARNTEC: numerous companies will be presenting their adaptive learning systems at Messe Karlsruhe from 23 to 25 May 2023.

AI-based mentoring for executives

After 18 months of development, KI Mentor is presenting "KI.m", AI-based mentoring for managers, to the general public for the first time at LEARNTEC. Based on artificial intelligence, KI.m conducts a natural dialogue with executives via a smartphone app and uses various state-of-the-art algorithms, as well as a scientifically based leadership model for mentoring. KI.m supports managers in overcoming daily leadership challenges, acting as a coach, "suggestion box" and advisor, and is available in the workplace 24/7. At the trade fair stand, the company will combine analogue and digital worlds, allowing visitors to better understand KI.m and enjoy short "mentoring sessions".

Motivating quizzes instead of time-consuming learning units

With Micromate, gamified microlearning takes place directly in Microsoft Teams. Micromate is an innovative learning companion that can be used to convey knowledge in short units in the style of conversational learning. Consequently, as in a messenger conversation, questions are asked by Micromate and answered by the learner. Micromate checks the answer and reacts with feedback. At LEARNTEC, the company will present, among other things, a demo integration of ChatGPT. "No other trade fair is better suited to present our innovative, digital learning assistant Micromate, and to exchange ideas with other manufacturers about the future of e-learning," says Christoph Süess, Managing Director at Micromate.

Authoring tool that thinks for itself

youknow presents "knowtion" at LEARNTEC 2023. As rapid technological changes increasingly require new skills and abilities to be built up more quickly, this can no longer be controlled centrally. In corporate learning, user-generated content, i.e. content created by learners for learners, will therefore play an even more decisive role in the future. For this, youknow relies on the possibilities of generative AI. In the authoring tool "knowtion", AI enables all users - even laypeople with no prior knowledge - to create didactically high-quality content quickly and easily. This is made possible by the integrated, AI-supported didactic assistance that helps the user every step of the way in the content creation process. As a particularly innovative project, the development of knowtion was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Learning videos made simple

The learning video experts at SlidePresenter are showcasing their latest AI feature at LEARNTEC: With the help of artificial intelligence, users can not only have a content structure but also a complete script created for their learning videos. All they have to do is enter a topic into the script generator. AI then generates prepared speaker notes and content that serve as the basis for recording the knowledge content. SlidePresenter thus massively reduces the effort required for planning and producing learning videos. The AI script generator also reduces the inhibitions of experts to record their knowledge, and provides a simple solution to the creation of user-generated content in corporate learning.

Business intelligence tool for personalised learning experience

At LEARNTEC, exhibitor Lemon Systems will explore how AI-based functions will be integrated in the future, for example, in the form of automatic language adaptations. However, the future for the company is not only about AI, as personalised, tailored learning experiences are also becoming more and more relevant for customers. This year, visitors to LEARNTEC can therefore expect to see, among other things, the powerful business intelligence tool Lemon Learning Analytics at the exhibition stand. This allows for learning data to be measured, collected, analysed and evaluated. The tool enables detailed data and processes of learners to be linked, analysed and transferred into dashboards.

Microlearning meets artificial intelligence

Visitors to LEARNTEC can also look forward to insights into the Microlearning Solution from chunkx. This will illustrate how one-off learning moments can be transformed into sustainable and personalised experiences for employees. Chunkx will demonstrate AI-based content creation and adaptive algorithms for devising continuous follow-ups in the form of microlearning units, article recommendations or author postings. All this can be tried out in the chunkx learning app. "LEARNTEC is one of the most important events of the year for us as an EdTech start-up. It gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas with companies and partners, and be inspired by industry experts. It's great to see everyone working together on the future of learning," says Theresa Voß, Co-Founder chunkx.

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