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Dear exhibitors,

secure your booth for LEARNTEC 2024 (04. - 06. June 2024) already now!

From this year on, only online booking is possible for exhibitors.

You have received the access data by mail.

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Important notes:

  • The floorplans have changed slightly compared to 2023 (elimination of Corona restrictions). Stands can only be booked as planned (no splitting/downsizing).
  • By the end of the 2nd day of the show (5/24/2023), your booth is automatically reserved for 2024 if available in the new layout.
  • All non-booked stands will go on free sale from Thursday (25.05.2023).
  • Cancellations are possible free of charge until 21.07.2023. Afterwards you will receive the stand confirmation.
  • You can take over the data from the previous year when booking. Please also enter the stand number in the comments field.
  • Registrations by mail are unfortunately not possible and will not be accepted!
  • Start-up Area: Unfortunately, bookings are not yet possible. If you are interested in a booth, please send an e-mail to stefanie.ruf@messe-karlsruhe.

Booking on site:

Visit us in the LEARNTEC Lounge (Hall 2, Booth L31) to book your booth in person. There you will find the always updated overview of all bookings.

Prices 2024:

Price / sqm
Row stand (one side open) € 274,00
Corner stand (two sides open) € 314,00
Head stand (three sides open) € 324,00
Island stand (four sides open) € 334,00
Prices do not include VAT applicable in the year the event is held.

Minimum stand size: 9 sqm

  • plus 1 Mbit Internet-supply (cable) € 99 (Upgradeable)
  • plus AUMA fee € 0,60 per sqm
  • plus marketing fee € 365,00 (package includes: entry in the list of exhibitors, internet entry and advertising materials)
  • plus general fee for exhibiton hall utilities € 8,50 per sqm

Costs for Co-exhibitor(s) // registration fee incl. marketing package: € 865,00

A selection of stand construction packages and additional services can be found in the online booking.