Vampires Convey Financial Know-how

“Count FEFE” is a free game app designed to teach founders of start-ups the financial know-how they need for their new business ventures.

The free game app COUNT FEFE
Source: Aston University

The programme developed from cooperation between Britain’s Aston Business School and eLearning Studios in the context of the EU-sponsored “Financial Education for Future Entrepreneurs” project. The software was introduced because Aston Business School had determined that lack of financial expertise is one of the most common reasons why recently founded companies fail.

The app, which is available for iOS and Android, aims to close this gap through gamification. In the game, the user assists a vampire who has inherited a fortune and invested it in a start-up retail coffin business. The vampire must continually overcome new difficulties. As the game progresses, players learn how to master the challenges of corporate bookkeeping and develop a sense for financial decisions, while simultaneously being introduced to specialized terminology through their work on behalf of the vampire’s company. Count FEFE is presently available only in an English-language version.

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