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Convention dedicated to the digitalisation of education

After a break due to the pandemic and several LEARNTEC online events, the e-learning industry will meet again on site at the Karlsruhe trade fair center from 1 to 3 February 2022 for personal networking and knowledge transfer. At LEARNTEC - Europe's largest event for digital education at school, university and work - national and international exhibitors will present the latest technologies for digital learning and work. The accompanying convention offers a glimpse into the future of the digital education market and links this with the range of exhibitors at the trade fair.

"Digitalisation is changing our everyday learning and working lives, and this has become even clearer to us in recent months. The importance of new innovative technologies and digital skills is increasing. With the congress of the 29th LEARNTEC, we would like to take a look at the working world of the future and the change in the learning culture," say Sünne Eichler, Prof. Dr. Peter A. Henning and Jane Hart from the LEARNTEC Convention Committee. "The convention will finally take place again in 2022 in presence, because we deliberately want to focus on what makes the LEARNTEC Congress so special: The personal professional exchange on site between speakers and participants as well as among each other and the many spontaneous meetings with their unique networking character".

Over the three days of the event, more than 120 speakers from business and academia will present current trends in digital education in around 60 parallel sessions, introduce concrete methods and provide impetus and ideas for the future. This year's topics include Learning Eco Systems, Agility in Continuing Education, Learning Culture and Change Management as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education, Adaptive Learning Environments and Learning Experiences.

Top-class speakers complete the convention programme

A special highlight of the LEARNTEC Convention in 2022 will once again be the exclusive keynotes. Dr. Stefan Brink, State Commissioner for Data Protection and Information Security of Baden-Württemberg, will give the opening keynote on the first day of the convention.

"Social robots are spreading into the home, education, health and public spaces. They want to be our colleagues, friends and partners. Some of them recognise our emotions and show empathy and emotions themselves without really having them," says Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel. Which promises social robots make and which they keep will be the topic of his keynote. In it, he will address both the technical foundations and the ethical challenges.

Dirk Röhrborn, Member of the Executive Committee Bitkom e.V. and Co-Founder of Communardo Software GmbH will open the second day of the convention on the topic of disruptive digitalisation through blockchain, AI & Co. "Digitalisation is changing our working world from the ground up - and companies must react to this. It is already apparent: 7 out of 10 companies are making their employees fit for the digital working world. However, in order to help SMEs with this transformation, we must facilitate access to funding measures for SMEs and support them in taking advantage of digital training opportunities. This is how we can succeed in securing employability and attracting new skilled workers!"

Prof. Dr. Michael Leyer from the University of Rostock begins the third and final day of the convention on the topic of people's imagination and innovative power in times of Corona: "Many companies are striving for digital transformation, but it is often slow. This is because digital transformation cannot be imposed from above, but rather the employees of companies must develop and implement digital process innovations across the board. Employees must therefore be empowered and motivated to think ahead, but this has declined, especially in the Covid 19 era. The keynote will show what companies can learn from that time and how they can support their employees to think further."

On the third day of the convention, neuroscientist Dr Julia Christensen will show how the digital future of tomorrow can be made fit with analogue habits of yesterday: "Out of habit, we sink down on the sofa or turn on the TV. But how do we fill this time meaningfully so that it motivates us and moves us forward? Habits are programmes in our brain that run automatically. Only if we understand them do we have a chance of reprogramming them in a positive way. Habits always have three parts: Stimulus > Behaviour > Pleasure. We need to learn to recognise all three parts to change a habit. This will motivate us, move us forward and even give us pleasure, because without pleasure nothing works in the brain."

Convention tickets very limited this year

With a sophisticated hygiene and safety concept, which was designed in coordination with the local health authorities and in accordance with the Corona Ordinance of the State of Baden-Württemberg in force at the time of the event, Messe Karlsruhe will ensure a safe LEARNTEC. For this reason, participation in the convention is severely limited this year to 350 participants per event day; tickets will be available online at www.learntec.de/en/tickets.

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