Sparking Enthusiasm for Change Processes among 260,000 Employees

Digital training strengthens personal skills

Deutsche Bahn has recognized the opportunities offered by digitization and is currently undertaking a long-term change process involving 260,000 employees in all areas of the company. In close collaboration with the hydra newmedia agency, Deutsche Bahn developed an interactive training experience that repeatedly strengthens learners’ personal skills and motivates them to play active roles in the ongoing change process.

90-minute training with employees of Deutsche Bahn

Accompanied by a moderator, learners collect “future energy” and network virtually with representatives from nine areas of digitization. Info modules such as audio presentations, quizzes and specially produced video interviews with employees of Deutsche Bahn make the 90-minute training especially varied and invite learners to discover, learn and participate.

In addition to conveying know-how about digitization, another goal of the training is to promote an affirmative and motivated attitude toward this topic. The training has been optimized for smartphones so it can also be accessed by employees without PC workstations.

hydra newmedia presents the interactive training experience at LEARNTEC in Hall 1, Stand E48.


hydra newmedia GmbH

Jenny Garwers

Email: garwers@hydra-newmedia.com


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