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Cloud Solution for Basic Research on Artificial Intelligence
Microsoft Azure

Scientists and students at the University of Bonn’s Institute for Intelligent Systems are conducting research to develop algorithms and software for the next generation of intelligent machines.

The biggest challenge is to deal with the rapidly changing demands on software and hardware in the field of deep learning, which requires scientists to plan flexibly for digitization. The scientists’ goal is to create intelligent machines by combining the enormously growing data pool with intelligent algorithms that are capable of learning how to draw intelligent conclusions from these data.

This work requires gigantic data resources, especially when deadlines for publications are imminent. Funding for research is scarce, so to avoid having to continue paying for unused hardware after the publications and to simultaneously make resource shortage a thing of the past, computer scientists use the virtual machines of Microsoft Cloud’s Azure platform for their scientific work. Azure lets researchers conduct experiments on any desired number of graphics processing units (GPUs), thus supporting research and experimentation without restrictions.

Microsoft present its solutions a LEARNTEC in Hall 2, Stand K61.4.

Contact website:

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

Jakob Huber


 Digital Communication – Worldwide and in Television Quality

The alfatraining company presents alfaview, a platform for online conferences and live training sessions in television quality. alfatraining originally developed alfaview for its own continuing education courses. Now this training company also makes alfaview available to other companies, universities, educational institutes and public institutions. They can use alfaview to convene audiovisual meetings with their customers or cooperating partners in a virtual space.

alfaview facilitates video conferences for 100 or more people; all users are interconnected live, lip-synchronously and in television quality. Each conference participant can share programmes, presentations, documents or their entire desktop. This enables everyone to collaborate on a project and to learn from one another, regardless of whether they are at home, at their workplace or travelling. Thanks to alfaview, small companies, medium-sized companies and corporate groups can flexibly enhance their employees’ qualifications and convene meetings at short notice, worldwide and in real time.

alfatraining presents the alfaview platform during LEARNTEC in Hall 1 at Stand G72.


alfatraining Bildungszentrum GmbH

Claudia Baum


Heightened Productivity Thanks to Learning Nuggets
Office 365

Office 365 is not just Word, Excel and Power Point. This software offers numerous tools that can improve employees’ productivity. Office 365 provides short learning videos on a monthly basis to update employees about the newest opportunities. Each video lasts from two to ten minutes and deals with a self-contained application case.

The Office 365 Academy thus offers a modern learning concept for knowledge transfer that can be optimally integrated into each employee’s daily work schedule. The videos are sorted according to apps and target groups so users can choose contents that perfectly complement their typical workday. The Academy’s contents relate both to new products and to functions that have long been part of Office 365 but have thus far been used only seldom.

The modern learning concept reduces the workload on IT Support, minimizes training costs and facilitates ongoing knowledge transfer. The video nuggets are delivered directly into the Microsoft Stream video portal (in Office 365); they can also be integrated into any learning management system.

The Office 365 Academy presents its products at LEARNTEC in Hall 2, Stand O23.


Office 365 Akademie

Thomas Maier


Learnchamp on the Subject of Modern Workplace Learning

In this video, Michael Repnik, Managing Director at LearnChamp, offers insights into the digitized onboarding of new employees at McDonalds Austria. One advantage: new employees can access the information, exercises and simulations whenever they need these contents.

Modern Workplace Learning
An Educational Game for Digital Training in Companies

E-learning is experienced more as a mandatory task than as an optional enrichment in many companies nowadays. Employees are often poorly motivated and reluctant to participate in e-learning programmes, especially when the theme is compliance training. The situation is further complicated by recurrent discussions with the works council and the management about proofs and controls. This is why equeo GmbH developed an innovative learning strategy: the equeo QD quiz app lets companies fire the starting shot to begin redefining the topic of digital learning and breaking down ingrained structures.

Quiz App equeo QD

The popularity of the quiz duel format helps to overcome resistance, while the gamification approach boosts players’ motivation. The context, contents and themes can be flexibly adapted and custom tailored to meet the specific needs of the industry and the company.

equeo QD is already in use for training sales employees, apprentices and various specialists. On their smartphones or tablets, employees can test their knowledge of various topics, playfully deepen it and compare their know-how with their colleagues’ expertise. The game is played across all hierarchical levels, thus creating an open corporate culture with an innovative character.

equeo offers advice on innovative learning strategies and learning solutions at LEARNTEC in Hall 1, Stand F71.


equeo GmbH

Karen Schubert

Marketing and Event Manager


Sparking Enthusiasm for Change Processes among 260,000 Employees

Deutsche Bahn has recognized the opportunities offered by digitization and is currently undertaking a long-term change process involving 260,000 employees in all areas of the company. In close collaboration with the hydra newmedia agency, Deutsche Bahn developed an interactive training experience that repeatedly strengthens learners’ personal skills and motivates them to play active roles in the ongoing change process.

90-minute training with employees of Deutsche Bahn

Accompanied by a moderator, learners collect “future energy” and network virtually with representatives from nine areas of digitization. Info modules such as audio presentations, quizzes and specially produced video interviews with employees of Deutsche Bahn make the 90-minute training especially varied and invite learners to discover, learn and participate.

In addition to conveying know-how about digitization, another goal of the training is to promote an affirmative and motivated attitude toward this topic. The training has been optimized for smartphones so it can also be accessed by employees without PC workstations.

hydra newmedia presents the interactive training experience at LEARNTEC in Hall 1, Stand E48.


hydra newmedia GmbH

Jenny Garwers


Increase the Learning Success of Seminars

Many training sessions suffer from the same shortcoming: their learning effects disappear after a very short time. The repeatmobile app counteracts this evanescence. Specially developed for trainers and coaches, the app lets seminar participants repeat learning content (e.g. from classroom training sessions) on their smartphones, thus increasing their learning success.

repeatmobile App

As part of this learning strategy, the repeatmobile app offers a company-internal messaging service which networks the training’s participants with one another to encourage informal learning over long distances. This way of working together is not only more effective and more interesting, but also helps to strengthen teams across borders.

Moreover, a Learning Analytics System displays the completed trainings and the number of points achieved so course participants and clients can instantly see what has already been accomplished. The app, which is useable in all mobile operating systems, can be downloaded from various app stores.

Repeatmobile presents the app at LEARNTEC in Hall1, Stand E60.


repeatmobile GmbH

Carolin Gross


Virtually Inspect Industrial Plants and Equip Them with Training Scenarios

The education and training experts at Provadis – Partner für Bildung und Beratung GmbH develop interactive training tools for efficient teaching and learning. Their new “Active Training 4.0” tool can digitize plant components and entire production plants for training purposes. This makes the facility accessible and equips it with training scenarios.

„Active Training 4.0“

The tool’s document trainer needs just fifteen minutes to digitize the operational documentation and integrate it into the active training. The findings can thus be documented in a legally secure manner.

The plant training can be utilized anywhere, either with or without virtual-reality eyewear, on a PC, laptop or smartphone. This also makes it accessible when its users are travelling. The training sessions are practically oriented, easy to integrate and custom tailored to satisfy each company’s specific requirements. They are used by Provadis’s clients and in the company’s own departments.

You can learn more about Provadis at LEARNTEC in Hall1, Stand E29.


Provadis – Partner für Bildung und Beratung GmbH

Dr. Peter Schulz


Make Your Brand a Digital Experience for International Employees

How can a company successfully enable new colleagues all over the world to experience the company as their own in the context of onboarding? This question was also asked by Viessmann, a family-owned business which specializes in heating technology and energy solutions and which recently initiated a successful transition from its third to its fourth generation. Viessmann’s head office is in Allendorf (Eder) in Hesse; over 12,000 employees work for the company worldwide.

virtual 360° teaching tour of the company’s history

To enable colleagues at all locations to interactively experience Viessmann’s history and the story of its products, the Canudo agency developed a 360° tour of Viessmann’s museum. Panoramic photos of the “Via Temporis” gallery were taken in sections; these images were then assembled and integrated into an HTML page.

Similar to Google Street View, learners move through the exhibition by clicking on visual arrows. A total of forty units of information can be opened at seven different stations in the form of videos, pictures and texts.The virtual tour in German and English is optimized for commonly utilized end devices and can be used in combination with cardboard virtual-reality eyeglasses to convey an especially realistic experience on a smartphone.

Experience the virtual 360° tour at LEARNTEC in Hall 1, Stand F21.


Canudo GmbH

Hajo Noll


Connect Employees with Native Speakers

busuu helps companies improve their customer service and their internal communication by enabling them to make language learning easy and interesting.The award-winning interactive app offers language courses in twelve languages and facilitates access to a community of more than eighty million native speakers.

In their effective language-learning solution for companies, the app’s creators rely on proven didactic methods to teach vocabulary, grammar and language skills so learners lastingly remember what they have learned. busuu also links employees with native speakers so learners can practice and perfect their skills in realistic, everyday situations. Companies can modify the language course to meet their specific needs, thus achieving measurable progress for learners on all language levels.

An additional feature: together with the Oculus VR technology company, busuu has launched a virtual reality game that facilitates language learning in a new way. “The Hacienda” invites players to pay a virtual visit to the Mendoza family in Mexico.

Virtual reality lets each player learn a foreign language in surroundings that are very similar to those encountered in everyday life. Afterwards, the learner will have acquired sufficient language competence to easily cope with everyday situations.

busuu presents its app at LEARNTEC in Hall 1, Stand G1.



Felix Schuchter


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