Heightened Productivity Thanks to Learning Nuggets

Continuous knowledge transfer for Office tools

Office 365

Office 365 is not just Word, Excel and Power Point. This software offers numerous tools that can improve employees’ productivity. Office 365 provides short learning videos on a monthly basis to update employees about the newest opportunities. Each video lasts from two to ten minutes and deals with a self-contained application case.

The Office 365 Academy thus offers a modern learning concept for knowledge transfer that can be optimally integrated into each employee’s daily work schedule. The videos are sorted according to apps and target groups so users can choose contents that perfectly complement their typical workday. The Academy’s contents relate both to new products and to functions that have long been part of Office 365 but have thus far been used only seldom.

The modern learning concept reduces the workload on IT Support, minimizes training costs and facilitates ongoing knowledge transfer. The video nuggets are delivered directly into the Microsoft Stream video portal (in Office 365); they can also be integrated into any learning management system.

The Office 365 Academy presents its products at LEARNTEC in Hall 2, Stand O23.


Office 365 Akademie

Thomas Maier

Email: t-maier@office365akademie.de


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