Digital Communication – Worldwide and in Television Quality

alfaview® facilitates meetings and training sessions without requiring physical travel

The alfatraining company presents alfaview, a platform for online conferences and live training sessions in television quality. alfatraining originally developed alfaview for its own continuing education courses. Now this training company also makes alfaview available to other companies, universities, educational institutes and public institutions. They can use alfaview to convene audiovisual meetings with their customers or cooperating partners in a virtual space.

alfaview facilitates video conferences for 100 or more people; all users are interconnected live, lip-synchronously and in television quality. Each conference participant can share programmes, presentations, documents or their entire desktop. This enables everyone to collaborate on a project and to learn from one another, regardless of whether they are at home, at their workplace or travelling. Thanks to alfaview, small companies, medium-sized companies and corporate groups can flexibly enhance their employees’ qualifications and convene meetings at short notice, worldwide and in real time.

alfatraining presents the alfaview platform during LEARNTEC in Hall 1 at Stand G72.


alfatraining Bildungszentrum GmbH

Claudia Baum

Email: claudia.baum@alfatraining.de


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