Connect Employees with Native Speakers

Language learning in everyday situations

busuu helps companies improve their customer service and their internal communication by enabling them to make language learning easy and interesting.The award-winning interactive app offers language courses in twelve languages and facilitates access to a community of more than eighty million native speakers.

In their effective language-learning solution for companies, the app’s creators rely on proven didactic methods to teach vocabulary, grammar and language skills so learners lastingly remember what they have learned. busuu also links employees with native speakers so learners can practice and perfect their skills in realistic, everyday situations. Companies can modify the language course to meet their specific needs, thus achieving measurable progress for learners on all language levels.

An additional feature: together with the Oculus VR technology company, busuu has launched a virtual reality game that facilitates language learning in a new way. “The Hacienda” invites players to pay a virtual visit to the Mendoza family in Mexico.

Virtual reality lets each player learn a foreign language in surroundings that are very similar to those encountered in everyday life. Afterwards, the learner will have acquired sufficient language competence to easily cope with everyday situations.

busuu presents its app at LEARNTEC in Hall 1, Stand G1.



Felix Schuchter

Email: felix@busuu.com


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