Cloud Solution for Basic Research on Artificial Intelligence

Unrestricted research and experimentation with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Scientists and students at the University of Bonn’s Institute for Intelligent Systems are conducting research to develop algorithms and software for the next generation of intelligent machines.

The biggest challenge is to deal with the rapidly changing demands on software and hardware in the field of deep learning, which requires scientists to plan flexibly for digitization. The scientists’ goal is to create intelligent machines by combining the enormously growing data pool with intelligent algorithms that are capable of learning how to draw intelligent conclusions from these data.

This work requires gigantic data resources, especially when deadlines for publications are imminent. Funding for research is scarce, so to avoid having to continue paying for unused hardware after the publications and to simultaneously make resource shortage a thing of the past, computer scientists use the virtual machines of Microsoft Cloud’s Azure platform for their scientific work. Azure lets researchers conduct experiments on any desired number of graphics processing units (GPUs), thus supporting research and experimentation without restrictions.

Microsoft present its solutions a LEARNTEC in Hall 2, Stand K61.4.

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Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

Jakob Huber

Email: a-jahube@microsoft.com


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