Next Generation By Design

organizer: DXtera

date: Wednesday, 30 January 2019, 1:00 to 4:00 pm

place: conference room 2

DXtera Institute®, Open University of Catalonia and The German Alliance for Education invite you to join us at our Next Generation By Design (NGBD) event during LEARNTEC. This is the fourth event in an series throughout 2018 and 2019 as part of our growing movement focused on collaboration, control and student success.  

With greater public understanding of the opportunities, limitations and risks associated with today’s most advanced applications, it is time to transform the current market options and lead the industry in a new direction that enables greater control to the consumer.  We call this effort Next Generation By Design (NGBD). Our growing, international community is tackling next generation challenges such as enhanced user experience, information ownership and governance, reducinging information redundancy, and security of sensitive or private data.

The international NGBD Symposia Series is an opportunity for education innovators, influencers and investors to come together to develop a shared-action plan that will lead to the deployment of the next generation digital educational environments to support student success.

This gathering and active discussion with participants will focus on:

Next Generation By Design Vision, Emerging Innovations and Brainstorming

Pain-points Discussion: Constraints of current educational environment that prevents interoperability of enterprise systems and desired applications; facilitated conversation about current challenges and potential project collaborations

EdRec (US Department of Education Department Ecosystem Challenge Winner in 2018) - An open-source student-controlled education record being developed to enable  ecosystem and systems to exchange digital information between learning environments, business intelligence and learning analytics, and education and career pathways applications/systems without integration barriers.

Optimization of digital exchange for chatbots and AI technologies to enhance conversation-based learning in education that is being deployed at the Open University of Catalonia, a fully online university headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.

Please join us for this engaging discussion to learn more and help to develop the shared Next Generation environments

Please find further information here.

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