TUMO, the School for Digital Education, Starts in Paris

TUMO pursues an absolutely innovative concept: independently and under their own responsibility, young people between the ages of 12 and 18 explore digital education in school, especially themes from the digital sector.

TUMO - school for Digital Education

To augment their regular classroom lessons, the pupils can spend two hours per week taking self-learning courses in computer programming, digital drawing, video, cinema, music and animation. The development of the children and teenagers occupies the foreground: there are no grades or report cards at TUMO. Unlike conventional lessons, pupils learn at their own speed.

Freed from performance pressure, they can familiarize themselves with technical possibilities at their own pace and allow their creativity to run free. The school is conceived to accommodate up to 4,000 pupils; 25% of the available places are reserved for children from social flashpoints. TUMO in Paris is patterned after a homonymous facility in Eriwan, which was chosen as the world’s most innovative school three years ago.

Paris’s mayor Anne Hidalgo, who first became acquainted with TUMO when she visited Armenia’s capital city, is confident that this concept will also work well in Paris: “TUMO will develop into a communication centre for young people, where they can not only acquire new skills, but also realize their most creative ideas and take part in the digital adventure.” The facility is financed by the European Union: the city of Paris won the competition for “European Capital City of Innovation” in November 2017 and received a cheque worth one million euros.

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