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Metrics takes stylometry to the next level. By using pre-defined quantitative parameters, the software analyzes different writing styles and patterns which can then be used to verify the authorship of a document and prevent contract cheating.

Introducing Ouriginal Metrics

Instances of contract cheating have increased during the pandemic and even as students return to campus, institutions are facing the reality that this is a growing problem, which will not be easily resolved despite resuming face-to-face teaching. To address this growing challenge, Ouriginal, one of Europe’s leading provider of text-matching solutions for plagiarism prevention and text-similarity detection, recently launched Ouriginal Metrics.

Why is this important?

In addition to safeguarding academic integrity, Ouriginal Metrics encourages and helps develop critical thinkers and creative writers. By providing users with the ability to check that the content submitted has actually been authored by the submitter, they can be deterred from taking any short cuts especially in the form of contract cheating, and instead develop their own views and thoughts.

How does Metrics work?

Linguists and researchers believe that writing styles of people in particular, students, in the same class, course or age-group, tend to be organized around a common base or denominator i.e., writing styles within groups have similarities. This assumption is referred to as the ‘peer-group similarity hypothesis.’

Using this hypothesis, Ouriginal Metrics analyzes each individual assignment for a specific group based on a set of parameters. The findings are then compared with that of the whole group. If a student’s text stands out from that of the peer group across several parameters, it could be that the student is not the author of that content.

To know more about Ouriginal Metrics, please contact us via this link, or visit our website: www.ouriginal.com.